Cloud Water Zen Centre

Current weekly schedule:


Monday: 6.30-8.00pm

Tuesday: 8.00-9.00am (Online only)

Wednesday: 6.30-8.00pm

Friday: 8.00-9.00am (Online only)

Saturday: 9.30-11.00am


In addition to the weekly schedule, we are also regularly offer Thursday evening introductions to Zen and courses. These run between 6.15-8.00pm, check the 'Intro & Courses' page for more information.


Attendance to the sittings and courses is possible both face to face at the Zen centre, and online via zoom. If you are new to the Zen centre and would like more information on how to participate, please get in touch!


Regular sittings consist of zazen and kinhin (walking meditation). There is also usually a talk by the teacher and often we have dokusan (an opportunity to discuss practice-related questions one to one with a teacher).


We also regularly run longer events designed to give people an opportunity to get deeper into Zen practice. These include whole day or weekend events at the Zen centre as well as sesshin (intensive meditation retreats) which are held over three to four days at the Zen Centre and also residentially over the course of a week.

Cloud Water Zen Centre Email:    Phone 07432 014620

Cloud Water Zen Centre is a registered charity - Cloud Water Zen SCO46443

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