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Zen and Everyday Life - A short course

We're running a new course at the Zen centre in June...

It’s called ‘Zen and Everyday Life’ and it focuses on how Zen practice can help us to face and respond to the many challenges we face in daily life. And how Zen relates to, and can inform, the rest of our life

We’ll look at issues like:

- Identifying and changing old habits
- Dealing with change and distractions
- How to make more effective decisions and life choices.

The course runs over 3 Thursday evenings in June, starting on Thursday 13th June.

It’s aimed at people who already have some meditation experience (at the Zen centre or elsewhere), although basic instruction and/or review can be provided as need be.

If you'd like more information, or to reserve a place just get in touch

Short Course in Zen Buddhism

Our next three week introduction to Zen begins on Thursday 2nd May. This offers a great opportunity for people interested in Zen to find out more. Each session includes practice in Zen meditation (with instruction) and related aspects of Zen teaching, as well as time for questions and guidance. The three sessions are:

Thursday 2nd May: Basics of Zen practice and establishing a regular practice

Thursday 9th May:  The challenges of Zen practice and intergrating Zen practice and daily life

Thursday 16th May:  Types of Zen practice, how they work and what they offer

For more information and to sign up, please contact us

Zen Introduction mornings

As an alternative (if you're not free on Thursday evenings, for example) if you’re interested in finding out more about Zen and trying out zazen (Zen meditation), you could also attend one of our regular Saturday morning introductions to Zen.

This three hour workshop includes discussion of basic principles of Zen and Buddhism and practical instruction in how to practise zazen. Plenty of time is also given for questions that you may have. The introduction is suitable for both complete beginners and more experienced meditators alike. Check the schedule for details of the next introduction.

Having attended an introduction, you are welcome to participate in the regular activities of the group.

Our next Saturday morning Introduction to Zen will be in:

May 2019 (Saturday am - date to be confirmed)

Come Along to Our Weekly Sittings

Alternatively, contact us to arrange to come along around half an hour early to one of our regular Monday or Wednesday evening meetings. After basic instruction in how to practise zazen, you can participate with other practitioners.

Public Talks

We also organise occasional public talks given in the Glasgow area for people interested in finding out more about Zen Buddhism. See the schedule for more details.

Cloud Water Zen Centre Email:    Phone 07432 014620

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